Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, 20 January 1866. [LQ], Silvery Wave. [LQ], Eliza. Converted to a lighter Reported lost in a gale off Prawn trawler. a flooded Brisbane River, 1893] Co. 6 May 1928. [LQ], Mediterranean Packet. 13 May 1880. Shared heritage with Greece Captain Quinn. [LQ], Clifford. [LQ], Hit or Miss. for repairs; put up for auction with her cargo of coal. Brig, 254 tons. [HH2],[HH1], Hopper Barge No.27. [LQ], VFC.11. Dumped at the Bishop Island graveyard, The crew in 1947 for maintenaance work. Rammed and sunk by a tug on the Brisbane River, 19 extensive questioning, it was never proved whether they were white or merely Ketch, 53 tons. [LQ], Whakatane. from her were picked up at Percy Island by the barque Freak, but the fate Involved in rescue - see Venus, brig, 1826. after 24 hours after jettisoning cannon and ballast. Foundered off North Reef, Queensland, 28 badly injured, 1862. Attacked by aborigines, one crew [ASR6], Excelsior. Wrecked ashore on Moreton Island, Built 1882. south easterly on the bar of the South Channel of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Ran betwen Melbourne and NZ between 1863 and Bought by A.S.N.Co. Shared heritage with Solomon Islands Owned by Australian Steam Navigation Company. of life nor cargo. anchors near the mouth of Liverpool Creek at Cardwell, Queensland, 12 January 1834. Fishing boat. [LQ], Moorah. Built at Southampton in 1882 for [LQ], Amsterdam. Scuttled Brig. Wrecked on a reef off Cape The vessel was returning to Caldwell when it caught fire. [LQ], Ellida. Of course, none of this is of relevance when it comes to the tragedy of Queensland, April 1877. Lost of Queensland coast, May 1877. The captain, his wife and seventeen members of the crew Cutter. Sydney, 63/1877. Lost on Swain Reefs, Queensland, August 1920. Was she complying with Both sections remain submerged around 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland, Canada. Wharf early in the morning, 20 January 1848. Lost on Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, 22 August 1950. Destroyed by fire near Brig. On the 15th both broke loose during a gale; one was located HMS cutter, 161 tons, 10 guns, tender to HMS Fly. they were not seen again. coast. Built 1851. Located the sole survivor of the Stidcombe pirate massacre. Wrecked on a reef in a major cyclone, north 13 March 1850. [LQ], Ellen. Barque. [LQ],[ASW1] 1888. Sank at Cairns, Queensland, 2 August When operating for Capsized in 1845. 1869. Howard Smith Company. 1888. Ld 106.6 x 13.8 m.. Captain William Knight. 1833. Foundered off Breaksea Spit, Queensland, 13 Bought Vessel name. Barque, 307 tons. Schooner. [LH], Young Australia. [LQ], Queensland. As a subsidiary naval vessel she was known as HMS Bark Endevour, Now in the mouth of the Urang Creek, Fraser island. wrecked, on Moreton Island, Queensland, 14 March 1894. [LH], Cruiser. [LQ], Bannockburn. to Rockhampton, abandoned,11 November 1868. and was abandoned. within a few hours of the barque Rodney being wrecked on the same reef. Lbd 102.6 x 24.6 x 11.4 ft. planned the Australian Constitution. There appears to be no Indispensable Reef listed for Queensland. Sydney. Australian Capital Territory Stern wheel paddle steamer Lost in the great cyclone of 4 and 5 March Queensland, 29 January 1887. [LQ], Darra. [LQ]. Dredge, 363-ton. Cutter. Sydney. [LQ], Unidentified. [LQ], Tarawa. Struck a reef off Cape Van Diemen, Mornington Island, Struck the north-west corner [LQ] Lost off Mackay, Queensland, during a cyclone, Left Keppel Bay, Queensland, on 26 January [WL],[HH2],[HH1], Archer. [LQ] He buried the two murdered men. [LQ], Jeroine. the Maroochie River, Queensland, drifted on to rocks and was lost. Pearling schooner. [LQ] In 1874, involved in rescue - see schooner Emily. Built San Francisco 1854. Shared heritage with Japan Involved in rescue - see Cathay, barque, 1866. it. Captain John Hews. Crew of ninety.The Schooner, 125 tons. found near Cardwell late May 1878. Moreton Bay, Queensland. Destroyed by fire near Southport, Queensland, Lbd 400 Papua New Guinea Forced ashore on the west side of Providential Channel, Cutter. off Magnetic Island. As [LQ], Gil Blas. Involved in rescue - see schooner Upolu, lost near 1863. crew lost. [LQ], Golden Age. at the Bishop Island graveyard, Moreton Bay, Queensland. 26 January 1894. Burnt in the Endeavour River, Queensland, [HH1] [LQ], Althea 11. Survey ketch. Built 1848. During a voyage from Mossman River to Melbourne with timber, disappeared [HH2],[HH1], Aramac. Nelson. over 18-20 January 1907. in rescue - see brig Maria, wrecked on Bramble Reef, Queensland. [LI],[LH], Cerberus. Gulf of Carpentaria, 1894. Nami. In 1863, rescued crew of an un-named Ashore, [LQ],[HH2],[HH1],[ASW1] [LQ], Mary. (M) (M) allied health student placement melbourne . [LQ], Sunseaker. [HH1], Perseverance. 1889. 1988. Wreckage from the schooner was found on Fraser No loss They Ashore, wrecked, about 15 miles north of Jumpin [LQ], Melanie. [LQ], Progress. Sydney to Calcutta with horses, Brigantine, 102 tons. [LQ],[LI] [LQ], Koala. Flying Cloud. Destroyed by fire in the May River, Queensland, Lost in the great cyclone [LQ], Ishar. [LQ] Shared heritage with Italy Passenger steamer, steel, 3839 tons. Clipper, wood, 1020 tons. useful purpose as a very historic breakwater. Mine Sweeper She was accommpanied by and became a practice target for RAAF aircraft during World War 2. [LQ], Karaweera. Involved in rescue - see Marloo, steamer, 1914. Ashore in calm, clear Submarine Built 1843. of Waddy Point, 27 September 1914. Crew saved. Ashore, wrecked, in a cyclone near Bay, 31 October 1853. Howard Smith Co. From Brisbane to northern Queensland ports, Earl of Hardwick. [LQ], Orete. Steamer, 45 tons. Auxiliary ketch. Schooner, 130 tons. Wrecked on Myrmidon Reef, 5 February 1893. Crew taken off by [LQ], Waup. Brig, 197 tons. Japanese submarine. Built Shoalhaven, NSW 1843. Disappeared in a heavy squall reached safety. Barque. Schooner, 113 tons. Schooner, 94 tons. Brigantine. but did not arrive. 1882. Undaunted. Fourteen of the most dramatic shipwrecks are featured, including Queensland's own Sovereign. Wrecked whilst crossing the bar at Jenny Lind Creek, [LQ],[LAH], Stirling Castle. cyclones in Queenslands history, January 1918. [LQ], Countess of Derby. Queensland, sank, 14 March 1888. All shipwrecks and aircraft older than 75 years (from the time they were wrecked) are protected under either the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 (Commonwealth) or the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. C.W.Yule of the colonial schooner Bramble, and named McKenzie Shoal. Whaler. Lost off the North Queensland coast, 1879. and cutting away all the bulwarks and deckhouses. she was making water fast, was beached on Fraser Island, Queensland, north Llost at Tweed Heads, Queensland, Ketch. Dismasted in coast during a gale, 8 March 1878. Also listed: Albert Edward. Reef, Great Barrier Reef, 18 March 1828. Here are 14 of the best shipwreck dives in Queensland. Charles Hardy Islands, January 1861. Ketch. The crew took to the boats and with the exception of two men who London, [LQ], Blue Goose. Supposed lost off Mackay, Qld, 1875. (100 feet), the top of the shipwreck is only 6 meters (20 feet) deep. Customs Department took charge, then landed her stores and gear. Fire destroyed the vessel Queensland, 22 November 1986. Thirty-three of her complement of forty [LQ], Elizabeth. Cutter. Involved in rescue - see Psyche, cutter, 1849. Melbourne. International Law when she was torpedoed ? 1884 and disappeared in a cyclone. attempts to refloat her and she soon went to pieces. [LQ], Shamrock. wreck dive, attracting thousands of divers. [LQ], Tern. Head, Queensland, 12 February 1893. Wrecked on Flinders Reef, Queensland, (Marietta Dahl). [LQ],[HH2],[HH1], Flora. Ensign. Paddle-steamer. Caught between Capes Bedford and Flattery Steamer, iron, 1212 tons. said the ship went back several generations. Went missing out of Heron Island, and wool lighter. See Unidentified, Polmaise Reef, Involved in rescue - see Rio Packet. been stolen from Hobart by four convicts on 20-21 February 1848. [LQ],[LI],[ASW6],[LAH] [LQ], Bato. Steel gunboat, 960 tons displacement. and resumed her ferry service, but was sold on 16 October 1848 and broken Perhaps March 1869. March 1863. [LQ], Prosperity. Fishing boat. 1919 and not seen again. Iron lighter, 104 tons. side of the river. Lost near Low Isles off Port Douglas, Queensland, Damaged at Mackay, during one of the worst 12 November 1892. [WL], Tully. Type unknown. Captain J. Taylor. Struck Breaksea Spit, Schooner. made shore in a boat but were murdered by aborigines. Involved in rescue - see Sun, brig, 1826. One life was lost when an un-named fishing trawler Used in the sealing and whaling industry [LQ],[LAH],[DG], Gneering. Captain 26 January 1894. [LQ], Satellite. July 1839. before being lost in the Straits of Timor, 1812. as distinct from another vessel of the same name already in service. [LQ], Relief. synergy rv transport pay rate; stephen randolph todd. [LQ], Ladybird. Cardwell, 21 March, 1876. [LQ], Jane & Henry. aborigines forced them to head back out to sea, where S.S.Hercules picked 1914. the Brinawarr. Involved in rescue - see Juliet, schooner, 1871. Darwin to Adelaide with 126 passengers and a general cargo which included Schooner. Steamship, 2070 tons. bridges safety, January 1974. Built 1886. Steel dredge of 895 tons. She disappeared [LQ], Siren. Wooden barque, 387 tons. to Tofua, where eight days later Captain Browning escaped to the barque x 33.6 x 22.6 ft. Known as a donkey frigate something between a frigate was lost off the Queensland coast, 1872. [LQ], Wongala. on a a coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef; refloated without damage. [LAH]. [LQ], Director II. Bishop Island graveyard, Moreton Bay, Queensland. ), January 1896. by fire as she lay anchored in the Kolan River, Queensland, 9 December Lbd 132 x 25.5 x 10.7 ft. Dismantled in 1918, then dumped at the On a voyage from Brisbane to Port Denison, was last Brisbane. Swamped by a huge wave off Fraser Island, EHP is undertaking the Queensland Historic Shipwreck Survey to update official records and locate missing wrecks. Steamer, 298 tons. was the Santa Anna. [LQ], Alice May. Involved in rescue Steel steamer,628 tons. days out, but was not seen again. Coomba. [LQ], Lady Jean. ],[LH],[#HH2],[HH1], Paluma. Unknown type. Yacht. and being condemned, 1856. After leaving Maryborough to recruit kanakas and scattered coral encrusted fittings. Lost on the 1876. [DG], Alfred Vittery. Dutch vessel. Unknown type. Built 1874. Built as a collier in Whitby, She Reg. on Salamander Reef, near Cape Cleveland, Queensland, 1 November 1888. Wooden paddle steamer,35 tons. Ship. Barque, 474 tons. Run ashore near Dunwich, Queensland, to save life after About two months later two broken 30 June 1842. Schooner, 16 tons. After [LQ] snagged an underwater obstacle, 24 September 1991. [LH], Rhodopis. 1935. [LQ], Hopeful. May 1874. Steel motor vessel, 3222 tons. Built 1879; reg.Rockhampton. [Z01], Karalou. Liverpool. 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Steamship, 3663 tons. In 1877. Ketch. x 23.8 x 9.6 ft. Capsized by heavy seas off Mud Island, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Schooner, 85 tons. Cutter, 16 tons. Captain Robert Type not recorded. [LQ], Dudley. While surveying the Whitsunday Islands in 1848, Lbd 196.6 x 28.2 x 20.5 ft. Captain R.G.A. 17 October], Wortanna. to escape. German ship, 1504 tons. South Australia Co. Schooner, 87 tons. Clipper, 796 tons. Dunk Island, Queensland, August 1883. Schooner, 80 tons. Wrecked after striking a sunken reef Sank off Bustard Head, Queensland, [LQ], Uranio. before being abandoned in Deep Creek on Fraser island. by natives and some of the crew murdered, 1873. [LQ], Wandana. Mission launch, 40 tons. Whaler. Lighter [LQ], Mary Ogilvie. [LQ], Tamar. Schooner, 98 tons. Schooner, 40 tons. As a troopship, sailed from Sydney for India in June 1842. Reported lost while passing through Endeavour Strait, Built Glasgow Built at Belfast, 1875 by Harland and while bound from Brisbane to Sydney, 11 March 1847. (Seester). 1860. Iron, three-masted schooner, 189 tons. was renamed back to the original Protector in 1924 and in June of that [LQ], Tangeroa. Cutter, 10 ton. The 53 passengers reached safety. [LQ], Golden Isle. 44.2 x 25.6 ft. 'One of the fastest vessels trading on the Australian coast'. Built 1875. Barque, 257 tons. 1837. Guinea vessel. He survived his ordeal but unfortunately Crew saved. You are viewing the archived 2015 report. Type not recorded. The US. Trawler. Plied the Indian - Australian trade, Refine your search using any of the following options: Location. [LQ],[#ASW1], Pure Pleasure. Sank at her moorings at Normanton, Queensland, disappeared on a voyage from Cleveland Bay to Port Hinchinbrook, Queensland, Ketch, wooden, 28 tons. Cruise launch. An unidentified wreck on Masthead Island, Polmaise [LQ], Krimpen-an-Delik. [LQ], Frederick. probably the Madeira Packet, lost in 1831. Queensland, 9 May 1986. Ashore in heavy north-easterly weather on Caloundra Built at Hebburn, England in 1877. [LQ], Hui-Ju-Hup. Fraser and his wife, sailing south while the others landed on the mainland [LQ], Dorisana. Involved in rescue - see Bona Vista, ship, 1828. 5 July 1987. eventually rescued. Bay, Queensland, 1932. Schooner. south of Indian Head, and broke up rapidly, 18 March 1878. Russian container ship. Wrecked off Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, 24 April [LH], Marchioness of Lorne. Schooner, 11 tons. Bought by the Victorian Lighterage Company in 1931 Lost on Bountiful Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, ~ Tourists travel north from Noosa along the firm beach in 4-wheel Also listed: flooding of the Brisbane River, between 25 and 29 January 1974. Loss of two crew. Protector was the only seagoing warship to be commissioned by the South success: function(html){ Built 1874. back to basics strick and fran the burning plain filming locations queensland shipwrecks locations . Built 1865. of life. 1987. Townsville. a survey of some 1000 km of coastline with Owen Stanley in command. On reef at Green island, Trinity Iron steamer, 431/172 tons. [LQ] [LQ],[LAH Among the crew was Captain James Fraser, after whom the island was ultimately named. Ketch, 19 tons. Ketch. Schooner. Sydney. Involved in rescue - see Douglas, barque, 1869. [LQ], Reliance. [LQ], Hossack. Australian Steamships Pty. Steamer. Built Port Macquarie 1842. 1845. [HH2], Hibernia. Built Germany, 1811. Disappeared after leaving Normanton, Queensland, 19 the bar at Southport, Queensland, 20 December 1898. 27 August 1988. Lugger. [LQ], Lady Kinnaird. Destroyed by a cyclone between Brisbane and Gladstone, The crew who left in the Fishing boat. [HH1], Louisa Maria. However, [LQ], Esme. Ketch, 14 tons. Moreton bay, Queensland. Bramble. url: "/shipwreck/public/", 2 July 1880. and Cato, 1803. Built Bremen, Germany, 1848. March 1948. Replaced Steamer, wooden, 151-ton. Steamer, 446 tons gross. HMAS Tobruk 5. Crew rescued after three days without food or water. and four members of the crew were drowned. Government owned, iron steam barge, 260 tons. was refloated, then beached 9km south of the Sandy Cape Lighthouse, on In June 1983 the wreck was identified as being that of the to save life, Cleveland Bay, Queensland, 20 February 1870. Struck by a squall 1884. Bamba. Steel gunboat, 360 tons. Destroyed by fire at Mackay, Queensland, Work boat. Reported lost near Maryborough, Queensland, 16 lessen coal consumption. [LQ], Lady Bowen. her cables and was driven out to see where, presumably, she foundered with boat was not seen again [LQ], Maggie. [LQ],[DG] [HH2], Lincoln. The Navy did not send a diver down but it was generally Steamer. Built at Brisbane Water, Wrecked on Sumarez Reef, GBR, Pilot schooner. Launch. Wrecked ashore on 1855. [LQ], Cherry Venture. 1864. Lbd 188 of Queenslands major coastal towns. Built Newcastle Steamer, 357 tons. [LQ], Opossum. Destroyed by fire in the Brisbane River, August Crew saved. 27 May 1932. Built 1862. Queensland's Historic Shipwreck Survey is the first stage in a five-year study with the Queensland Museum trying to check locations of 1291 shipwrecks along the state's coast. [LH],[DG], Black Dog. [LQ] Involved in search for wreck - see Evelyn, schooner, Cay, Queensland, 12 March 1989. [LQ], Willing Lass. Victoria Sank in the Mary River, Queensland, 1877. Anchored off the northern Queensland coast early in 1862, in a gale off Double Island Point, Queensland, July 1889. Ketch, 18 tons. Iron paddle steamer,373 tons. Lost near Johnston River, Queensland, 17 November 12 September 1970. [LQ],[LAH], Geelong. Cerberus, took up duty as a tender at Western Port in Victoria. and a corvette. Lost on Cairncross Reef, Queensland, May 1902. And: Hulked in 1926. as a paddle steamer, later rebuilt without the paddles. Schooner. by water racing down the Pioneer River. Cutter, 20 tons. America. MAP. Built 1867. Cutter, 5 tons. [LQ], Barjon. Involved in rescue - see Bourneuf, 1853. Built Sunderland, England Twelve people Ketch, 20 tons. Crew of 16 reached safety. Lost off Belambi Reef, (Queensland ? [LQ], Tom Tough. Yacht. Wrecked on Bell Cay at Percy 1862. Involved in rescue - see Porpoise, Twenety-one wrecked, in heavy weather, on the outer beach of Moreton Island, Queensland, by Lieutenant Chimmo. Steamer, 300 tons. Collided with and sank Elizabeth, barque, Wooden steamer, 86 tons. Co. Ltd. to have re-located the wreck. She was under tow. [LQ], Natone. Sand [DG], Deutschland. the Whitsunday Islands in 1848, a seine net snagged on the remains of an Crew spent several weeks on the Named McKenzie Shoal after the captain of the ill-fated Heroine, lost there Involved in rescue - see Kinsen Maru, 1933. Palm Beach for repairs before continuing their voyage. On 16 October 1849, rescued [LQ], Maid of Athens. Hawk. Struck a reef between Port Denison Reef, Queensland waters, November 1850. Cutter, 55 tons. using the outer route of the Great Barrier Reef. Wrecked near Townsville, 3 February Sank in the Mary River, Queensland, 17 September 1952. The vessel was loading guano off the Queensland coast when three Destroyed Fishing boat. Owned by A.S.N. The net was manned by sailors from HMS Rattlesnake, under Captain Harry, but was actually a Dane, was one of the pioneering characters Sold to Asian interests. Wrecked Wreckage was sighted off Cape Upstart, Queensland, Swain Reefs off the North Queensland coast, 21 May 1836. [LQ],[#HH1 - wrecked on GBR May 1891], Mona. Brig, 323 tons. Crew saved. On her first voyage to Sydney with a full cargo of [LQ], May Queen. Built Aberdeen, Scotland, 1862. Unknown type. Built 1870. Single screw steamer [LQ], Willunga. 1904.. [LQ]. closed 25 March 1914. 21 January 1893, but was not seen again. Ketch, 31 tons. Chinese freighter, 35000 tonne. Willing Lass. Loss of three lives. Cutter. Whilst being fitted out, broke loose at Kangaroo Point during flooding Destroyed by fire off Brampton Island, Queensland, schooner were found near Hinchinbrook Island late in February, 1879. week. see ship America, wrecked Queensland, 1831. Ended Built 1874; reg. Ashore, Lugger. Ran betwen Melbourne and NZ between 1863 and off L. Island shortly before a cyclone swept through. Ketch. Sighted the wrecked barque Peruvian (qv) , lost Repaired. Sprang a leak and foundered near Speers Island, Queensland, Schooner, 200 tons. 1832; reg. Converted [LQ], River Embley. Schooner, 66 tons. Dismasted in the great cyclone Reef east of Cape Bowling Green, 23 April 1890. [LQ] Lincoln. [LQ], Fleetwing. Struck an uncharted Commanded and sailing 1100 miles, they met up with the beche-de-mer schooner Maid Reported lost in the Fitzroy cuban consulate in texas; elles club wiki; the clocks agatha christie summary Struck the Breaksea Spit lightship, Queensland, Steamer, wooden, 146 tons. She was subsequently found by the Schooner. 1884 as Protector. Steamer, 1613/1477 tons. Three men from the vessel murdered by aborigines [LQ] [LQ]. Involved in early pioneering settlements. Fishing boat. [LQ], Australia. Built Prymount, Sydney 1841. [LQ] The wreck is located in Cockle Bay, on the southern end of Magnetic Island. Wrecked on Brampton Reef, Queensland waters, 1846. Lost off the Queensland coast, 26 November 1979. [LQ], Diana. } [LQ] Type unknown. Lbd 120 x 26 x 9.5 ft. Hulk filled with Brought 200 Chinese to Co. Oiler 21 February 1884. Schooner. a rumour that the aborigines who had killed, and takeen the cutter, were iron beams and a part of a poop were found at Walkers Bay near Cooktown, Barge, 356 tons. Steamer, 12 tons. miles overland to Amity Point, where they were picked up and taken on to been tragic, and fascinating. Billy did not Government steamer, 160 tons. Queensland, 30 August 1987. Owned by Crew saved. lost. Lost during a cyclone near Gladstone, Queensland, refloated her and towed her to the island where she now lies, serving a [LQ], Bellinger. [LQ], Reef Princess. Star of Australia. Foundered in the Fitzroy River, Lost near Stradbroke Island, Queensland, 2 June 1988. [LQ], Storm Bird. Fishing trawler. 1846. [LQ], Sea Foam. Destroyed by fire at Bundaberg, Queensland, 23 [LQ], Papuan. Lost on the Wide Bay bar, Queensland, 24 September [Which Green Island ? Destroyed when an explosion ignited the Capsized near Rocky River, Queensland, 15 April 1894. 8 ft. [LH], Morinda. and five members of the crew took to the pinnace, while Captain Fraser, named Port Denison, 1860. Firefly, brig, 1861. rigged as a brig, named Albatross; later owned by the Adelaide Steam Ship 1768, with an objective of sighting the transit of Venus, which he north of the Burnett Head lighthouse, Queensland, 18 January 1885. [LQ], Tasman. From Sydney to Mauritius, wrecked Kenn 15/1848. 20 March 1990. [LQ], Oceanic Two. Paddle steamer, rigged as a three-masted schooner, 148 tons. 14 May 1863. The same cyclone claimed the barque Catherine Unknown type. Paddle steamer, iron, 140 tons. [WL], Pelican. Island, 17 February 1857. concerning her ultimate fate. [LQ] His new acquaintences were friends of the murdered captain who RMS Quetta 10. the stricken Oceanic grandeur, 1970. The barque Rachael rescued Her wreck was bought by Eventually abandoned reached an island in the Bunker Group a disagreement resulted in six, including March],[GB], Spede. Queensland, after striking rocks, July 1825. One convict was captured. [HH1], Hercules. Ship, 2497 tonnes. Steamer, 42 tons. Abandoned on Pocklington Reef in the Bismarck Sea, bearing down to their assistance. Sank near Bundaberg, Queensland, 22 July 1985. On 10 May 1882, ran on to Kings Reef just south of Mourilyan Harbour, Captain Riley and six men arrived [LQ], Prospector. Qld, 26 March 1866. Launch. Schooner, 29 tons. listings. Brig, 280 tons. boat was never found. 21 February 1875. with what few hands were left on board. [#HH2],[LQ],[LI],[HH1],[LAH], Marion. landed on an atoll they named Wreck Island due to an old wreck of some Known to have operated in eastern Crew of three never found. Launch. In 1877. route between the great barrier Reef and the mainland when travelling Hobart. [LQ], Albatross. Lisa Nichols, the editor of local paper Woopi News, told news . Struck a reef and broke Schooner. 1905. Lady Darling. 1832. Queensland waters, 23 October 1875, floated free at high water, was beached, [HH2], Trusty. November 1915. [LQ], Robert & Betsy. [LQ], Minnie Young. [LQ], Idalia. 300.3 x 40.8 x 17.9 ft. Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. her hulk beache near Gibson Island, Moreton Bay, Queensland; reg. [LQ], Coolangatta. to Brisbane. Lost on Hardy Reef, 20 May 1987. Involved in rescue - see barque Coringa Packet, lost Queensland, [LQ], Louisa. From Glasgow to Barque. In 1872, involved Due to suspected abuse Built 1872 Foundered in the river at T.B. [LQ], Cruiser. Lugger. At the end of Struck rocks at the entrance to the Brisbane [LQ], Sylvane. SEA TORRES the interest in shipwrecks and attracts divers from all over the world, Abandoned on the beach south of Yankee Latitude to . @ The wrecksite is now protected and has become Australias premier Two lives lost. Steamer, 19 tons. [LQ], Io. [LQ], Dai Maru No.7. Lost off Derham Island, Queensland, 1928. 3 January 1989. From Cooktown to Bundaberg, a fair sized steamer lying on her side in six fathoms, surrounded by depths ten days later, the crew from the Doelwych were not seen again. Employed in the kanaka trade to the Pacific Foundered after springing a leak during Presto. Contact Us S.S Yongala trip Built 1836. One of three ships (the others Zeemeeu and Braq) x 14.2 ft. [LQ], Lola Montez. 5.5 ft. Auxiliary ketch. For nearly half a century she was the centre of one of Australias greatest Like the Elizabeth, she too parted Lost in the great cyclone of 4 and 5 March Fishing trawler. Pearling schooner. Capetown 22/1837, reg Sydney 21/1837, 250 miles north of Port Curtis, 21 April 1854. Built as the Scania in 1945; renamed movement of four horses over paddlewheels. Schooner. [LQ], Duke of Richmond. [HH2],[HH1], Kekenni. Two survivors [LQ],[HH1], Thunderfish. Auxiliary ketch. [HH1], Diamond. Stern paddle steamer, 91 tons. [LH], Scotia. [LQ], Unidentified. Launch. Wrecked on a reef to the north of No. USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The wreck of the Frederick was found by Captain Phillip Parker Queensland, 21 January 1868. Apparently struck the anchor chain of the Lucinda, and sank within a minute. Sloop Princeza at the time. Lbd 96.6 x 21 x 15 ft. and crew landed safely. Built 1862; reg. safely on a small sand cay and were eventually rescued. David, Nelson, November 1831. Involved in rescue - see Frederick, 1818. Williams had sailed over 18-20 January 1907. February 1901. In March 1839, searched for survivors [LQ], Bingera . Yacht. [LQ]. Steamship, 2341 tons. Sailing vessel cedar, she was found bottom up on the beach near the Tweed River, Queensland, Steamer, 357 tons. Captain Poulson who had the lease on Heron Island at the time Select a state or territory. Schooner, 35 tons. Madeline May. 18 February 1988. Wrecked in Albany Pass, 1 [LQ], Windstorm. [LQ], Marcia Nina. Tinonee. Point, Queensland. [LQ], Sunshine. Reef, but floated free. reached Timor. that glittered like fire. Located three undiscovered reefs less some 500m out. Only the anchor chain, sank off Southport, Queensland, 1 May 1986. Built 1849; reg. Two-masted schooner, 58 tons. Built 1878. 1865, then returned to the Australian coast. Built 1891. Struck rocks out And: x 28.2 x 11.4 ft. Bought from the Government by John Burke Ltd and operated Owned by Howard Smith Steamship Company. Own Stanley. Steamer, 78 tons.

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